Best Motorcycle Lodging in the Ozarks, Eureka Springs

Motorcycle lodging in Eureka Springs is basic lodging, and then there is Tall Pines Inn motorcycle lodging. You might ask what makes motorcycle lodging at The Pines special for Bikers. You can stay anywhere to find parking for your bike and get a good night’s rest. However, we know you come to Eureka Springs for more than the ride and a comfortable bed. Many of you are looking for more when you roll into town; find it when you BOOK DIRECT with Tall Pines Inn.

twenty motorcycles lined up in a row in front of old historic cabins

Private Gathering Spaces for Camaraderie

Seriously, is your idea of a night out sitting in a lawn chair in a parking lot the idea of a peaceful gathering? Perhaps circling around the fire pit with a group of friends under Loblolly Pines telling stories is your definition of a good time. Never heard of Loblollies? Check this out! You might even choose to gather at our Black Bear Cabin with a couple of cheesy pizzas and enjoy the large porch with a couple of new friends from next door. At Tall Pines we have four fire pit gathering spaces and every cabin and suite has it’s own porch. At each porch you’ll find tables, chairs and umbrellas. We have a covered vending area with a soft drink machine and ice machine. If you need a cooler fire side, we have that!

People gathering at a fire pit

Be sure to stop by our Gift Shop and take a t-shirt or coozie home with you as a souvenir of your stay with us!

door open with sign on it that says gift shop

Great Spaces at Reasonable Rates

Is Tall Pines Inn worth the price? When you ride, you don’t want to pack heavy, and staying at Tall Pines Inn, we provide everything you need for a weekend stay. Comparing our rates with the bargain hotels, we feel you will find our rates very competitive, and with the amenities, we save you from packing, you are free to pack more items you really want to bring along. Top packing tips for a Bikers in 2022.

Motorcycles parked in front of historic cabins at Tall Pines Inn eureka springs ar

Food on Site

Tall Pines Inn now has Guest Food Service that can be ordered as an add-on to your reservation. We are currently only offering Breakfast, but we will be adding Dinner later in 2022. As a guest of Tall Pines, you will be able to grab that first bite of the day without taking your bike into town. Until our Dinner service is available, we are within walking distance to the Rowdy Beaver Restaurant and Tavern. If you book a large group on our property we can offer the option of catering a barbecue buffet meal for your party, call for details and prices.

Lots of Extras

What is it that you need in your home away from home? The answer may be very simple until it comes to the day you check-in and you realize you’re missing a few items! There are sundries and supplies we help you with, such as; plenty of fresh ice, coolers, an extra chair at your porch, shampoo, or lots of firewood. If we can’t accommodate your needs onsite there are an amazing local grocery stores, like Harts or Walmart! Tall Pines Inn provides all of the above and much more. We provide everything you would want for a comfortable, accommodating stay away from home. We supply you with a full line of luxury bath amenities, and plush bath towels and robes.

Yes We Have Parking

Flat, firm, and spacious! That describes the parking you can expect for your bikes at Tall Pines Inn. Here you drive off straight from the asphalt of the highway onto the serenity of our peaceful property. You park next to your cabin or suite, where you can have direct access to your bike. There is also room for two bikes without any additional charge. In most cases, we can accommodate those bringing in trailers.

Motorcycles parked in front of historic cabins at Tall Pines Inn eureka springs ar
Motorcycles parked in front of historic cabins at Tall Pines Inn eureka springs ar
Motorcycles parked in front of historic cabins at Tall Pines Inn eureka springs ar

Pamper the Ride

We love your motorcycles as much as we love you. In several areas of our property you will find bike towels for your use during your stay. Feel free to grab a handful of clean towels from our designated totes to wipe down your bike and look your best. During times of inclement weather we have tarps and some canopies for large groups of bikes.

blue tote that has words car and bike towels
Motorcycles parked in front of historic cabins at Tall Pines Inn eureka springs ar