Eureka Springs Things To Do

There is more to do in Eureka Springs than one can possibly experience in the time allowed, but here are our favorites:

  • Intrigue Theater tops my list. Sean Paul the Illusionist and his wife Juliana, a medium, totally amazed us. We had a great time.
  • Christ of the Ozarks and the Great Passion Play is still a must see. There is something there for the entire family. We went there as a family and totally enjoyed it.
  • Turtleback Ridge Go Karts and Putt Putt Golf – We were thrilled when we saw the old Pig Trail go-carts reopen under the new name. They also have batting cages and arcade. Go enjoy as a family. We were amazed at how well they have this facility running. Bring your Tall Pines Inn receipt for a discount on golf or karts.
  • Turpentine Creek Big Cat Refuge – This is the only one of its kind in the country. It’s worth going there just to here their story about the rescue of these beautiful animals.
  • Eureka Springs Tram Tours – I think this is the best way to get a nice overview of Eureka Springs. Enjoy being entertained as you hear about the history of the community.
  • Eureka Springs Downtown – I admit this is still one of my favorite past times. Eureka Springs has one of the most unique shopping experiences around. I have found plenty of the typical store goods but I have found many unique gifts, like pottery mugs made into flutes, handmade quilts, and a store FULL of different hot sauces or flavored nuts!
  • Art, Music, and Zombies – Believe it or not you can get it all here. Buy incredible original art or sit in the park and listen to popular or blues/jazz music. Kick it up a notch and visit during Zombie Crawl. The last Zombie Crawl was a blast and we look forward to all the Zombies coming out this October!

Don’t get confused, however. This is one town that has a lot going with both attractions and events. For more information on either, visit the website