We’ll help you with a great trip AND we’ll do the cooking!

Now you can customize your stay and request our Build Your Stay packages that are tailored just for you. Enjoy the convenience of dining right here on site, from breakfast to dinner, even snack trays. Tall Pines Inn has customized services and packages that allow you to add on only what you want and need for your Eureka Springs getaway.

Add Deliciousness to your stay!

Build your stay with all of our excellent add-ons and the ability to customize your stay your way. Add delicious meals, snacks, or packages to your reservation. Chef Keith and Sous Chefs Michelle and TJ specialize in unique menu items and bold flavors.

Food options that can be added:

  • Package for any occasion – Choose special occasion packages at time of booking or preview them on our specials page.
  • Option for Snack trays in your unit when you arrive.
  • Give us a call to add this to your reservation or book online and add the Build Your Stay to your reservation!

Menu showing different breakfast with the description of each breakfast and pictures
Menu showing different dinners with the description of each dinner and pictures

Breakfast $12.95

OR try Breakfast on the Light Side: Seasonal Fruit $3.95 or Yogurt Granola Fruit Bowl $5.95

How it Works

  • We serve breakfast, dinner, and charcuterie boards.
  • Breakfast and Dinner served daily.
  • Both meals can be added along with your room reservation or add them A La Carte, even at the time of check-in.
  • Breakfast can be ordered up to 4 PM the day prior to your breakfast.
  • Breakfast is served 9:00 AM.

How is the meal served

  • Meals are served boxed and take-out. Trust us we have a hard time getting the entire meal in one box!!
  • Our kitchen is located on the north end of our laundry building, just west of Cabin #6, next to the Smoke House.
  • We have a serving window where you can stop by and pick up your breakfast, eating utensils, and a free cup of coffee.

What’s On the Menu (Our food is primarily grilled or barbecued)

  • The menu will be posted in each cabin’s Guest Directory and in our office. * Guest’s Favorite is Saturday Mornings’ Crème Brûlée French Toast! Two slices of hardy Challah bread with delicious caramel and grilled to perfection.
  • Breakfast sides (depending on the dish) may include “Southern Style” seasoned savory potatoes, homemade seasoned grilled pork sausage, grilled toast, maple cinnamon sweet potatoes, fresh fruit cup with Crème Fraîche

Snack Trays

You now have the option to order a delicious healthy snack tray to greet you in-room upon arrival.

  • Charcuterie Board: 2 types of cured meats, 4 types of cheese (2 hard/2 soft), jam/spreads, olives, 2 types of crackers. $16.95
  • Half Charcuterie Board: 1 type of cured meat, 2 types of cheese (1 hard/1 soft), Jam/Spread, Olives, Crackers $8.95
cheese and meet tray

  • Breakfast must be ordered by 4:00 PM the day before. Please note “no shows” for breakfast are not refundable.
  • Your meal is picked up from our kitchen take-out window. Meals are served Take-Out Style in a carry out box with plastic cutlery and napkin.
  • Please note that our meals may contain allergens. Contact us if you have a concern about food sensitivities to see if we can accommodate your meal.
  • If your large group is staying with us and you need a meal catered contact us for details and pricing.

Tall Pines Inn Catering

Tall Pines Inn has an amazing CATERING SERVICE, allowing us to serve take-out style or buffet style (depending on the venue), and accommodates up to 100 guests.

If you would like us to cater your anniversary, reunion, wedding reception, or other large group please give us a call today to get all the details!

We have various meal options including traditional barbecue or a more casual picnic style meal, and food samples are available upon request. Tall Pines Inn catering is a tasty, down-to-earth, and affordable option to the other “big guys” in the catering biz! Importantly everything on your plate if identifiable! Ask us about special dietary needs! Travel restricts to the greater Eureka Springs, Arkansas area. https://tallpinesinn.com/build-your-stay/ or 479-253-8096