Any time of year is the right time for a Rustic Wedding, and Tall Pines Inn is the perfect venue. You may ask yourself if a rustic wedding is what you are looking for, or you may think you want “rustic” but have no idea where to turn. Read through the following information and look at some photos of our weddings. At Tall Pines Inn Rustic Weddings, we believe we capture simple, beautiful, meaningful, and “YES” Rustic. Your Rustic Wedding at Tall Pines Inn awaits.

What is a Rustic Wedding

Anything rustic is slightly rough around the edges, “so to speak”, a wedding included. This type of wedding means you don’t have to drag out the crystal and fine china, and many Brides these busy days find this a relief, check this out for lots of ideas! Brides may take the rustic wedding theme and incorporate vintage decor’ in their theme. Perfect settings for a Rustic Wedding are barns and farm backdrops or forests with lush foliage as the background.

Are Rustic Weddings in Style

A Rustic Wedding at Tall Pines Inn is always in style. As the price of weddings is steadily increasing, the taste of couples is becoming increasingly simple, and couples are trending towards marrying at later ages and Rustic Weddings are becoming more popular. They are a simple organic feel to the more extravagant version of the traditional wedding. A Rustic Wedding also lends well to Elopements which are also on the rise, with couples looking to save money and non-first marriages. It is said that a Rustic Wedding is a mindset more than a style, with that in mind read on!

Are Our Rustic Weddings Vintage or Shabby Chic

Rustic weddings indicate the place where they are held and the environmental feel, such as woodsy, outdoors, and green forest setting. It may also be a farm setting in or near a barn, typically outdoors. You might incorporate vintage or shabby chic items into your rustic wedding to bring in a mix of decor. However, Vintage is technically considered a time, and Shabby Chic is a style. As you can see, these are very different classifications.

What Colors Do We Use for Our Rustic Weddings

Rustic Weddings at Tall Pines Inn plays on colors found in nature or colors requested by the Bride. We perform our weddings under a beautiful handmade rustic arch made from wood used at one time for fencing around the property. We have repurposed these aged poles into a wedding arch, then we add lights and drapes in green, cream, blush, purple, blue, or your color of choice hung over the arch, and flowers are added in coordinating colors to transform the arch into a beautiful wedding site.

Costs for Rustic Weddings at Tall Pines Inn

Tall Pines Inn is a full-service wedding destination, providing every aspect of your wedding, however you are welcome to bring professional services in as desired. We have several wedding package options for Rustic Weddings at Tall Pines Inn. Our most popular wedding still remains, the elopements, but we also perform weddings of other sizes. We have wedding packages available to meet the needs of every couple.

We Offer the Following Four Elopement and Wedding Packages:

***Over the Moon, Tie the Knot, Romeo & Juliet, Run Away With Me Packages***

(Packages are only offered for guests of Tall Pines Inn. We do not do weddings for other property guests.)

bride and groom sitting on hood of car smiling at each other cabins in the back ground
bride and groom dancing barefoot in front of a camp fire
bride and groom making a toast with cabins in the background
rustic wedding arch with green flower and wedding bouquet seen in background in muted green colors
bride and groom looking at one another in front of a rustic wedding arch decorated in green drapes with lighting, bride is holding a bouquet of green mixed foliage trees and pines seen in the background
bride and groom facing minister during wedding while group of guest look on in front of a rustic wedding arch decorated in green drapes with lighting, bride is holding a bouquet of green mixed foliage trees and pines seen in the background
bridal bouquet in mixed green foliage with marriage license in background with wedding rings laying on it
  • Ordained Minister
  • Wedding Cake (sized for wedding party)
  • Decorated rustic wedding arch – we will do our best to accommodate color/decoration request.
  • One large flower Arrangement
  • Photographer – we will take photos and provide them on a flash drive, or you may supply your own photographer.
  • A bottle of bubbly for the bridal party
  • An outdoor gathering area is designated for wedding ceremonies. We have ample outdoor gathering spaces to congregate with friends and family after the ceremony.
  • We can provide white round tables that seat 8 and white folding chairs per request. Decorating is responsibility of wedding party.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All celebrations in common gathering areas must be cleared out by 10:00PM and music turned OFF out of respect for our other guests.
  • Weddings can be held on the grounds or in a cabin. For inclement weather, location may be moved to your cabin or canvas cabanas can be provided.
  • NOTE: room stay is NOT included in any of our wedding package pricing.
  • Price is based on the package you choose. You may opt to delete one or all of the above included items with the wedding packages but it will not change the price of the package.

Over the Moon

Large Group May-October Package
Small outdoor ceremony for bride, groom and 6 guests. Also includes items in list above.

bride and groom cutting wedding cake
bridal family at outdoor wedding showing rustic arch in background
bride and family at outdoor wedding in front of rustic arch
fall wedding arch
bride and groom standing at the bridal table with a wedding cake and toasting champagne
burlap runner leading up to rustic wedding arch
rustic wedding arch
Round tables with blue checked cloths and fall centerpieces shaped like pumpkins for a rustic wedding

Tie the Knot

Year Round Small Group Package
Small indoor or outdoor ceremony for bride, groom and 2 guests. Also includes items in list above.

two hands showing wedding rings laid over a red and pink rose
white round wedding tables decorated tables in various green foliage colors and white candles
bride and groom standing under rustic wedding arch bride holding a large bouquet and arch decorated in green scarves

Romeo & Juliet

Year Round Deluxe Elopement Package
A small elopement for just the bride & groom. Also includes items in list above.

man and woman standing in front of a decorated rustic wedding arch in colors of green and white and flowers the bride is holding a large bouquet of fall foliage
Bride and groom hands with wedding bands next to each other on the brides bouquet of fall foliage with marriage license in the background
view of rustic wedding arch decorated in forest green drapes and flowers
Rustic wedding arch decorated in white and green drapes and green flowers and lights with a fall bouquet set in the middle

Run Away with Me

Year Round Elopement Package
Bride & groom only. Includes minister, champagne & photos. Other items in list above not included.

two hands and exchange of wedding rings
rustic wedding arch, decorated in colored drapes and white chairs sitting around it
bride and groom kissing under rustic wedding arch with trees in the background
bride and groom joining hands in front of their bouquet
bride and groom outside looking at each other
groom carrying bride over the threshold of a cabin while kissing
groom and groom preparing for their wedding standing in front of a tree
groom and groom hands with wedding bands together in front of flower bouquet with marriage license in background


Tall Pines Inn has an amazing CATERING SERVICE, allowing us to serve take-out style or buffet style (depending on the venue), and accommodates up to 100 guests.

There is information about our food service on our website, additionally you may call us for an estimate. If you would like us to cater your anniversary, reunion, wedding reception, or other large group please give us a call. Check us out today!

We have various meal options including traditional barbecue or a more casual picnic style meal, and food samples are available upon request. Tall Pines Inn catering is a tasty, down-to-earth, and affordable option to the other “big guys” in the catering biz! Importantly everything on your plate if identifiable! Ask us about special dietary needs! Travel restricts to the greater Eureka Springs, Arkansas area. or 479-253-8096