Tall Pines Inn – See a few of our enhancements we have done this winter.

An Update from Tall Pines…We are always looking for ways to improve our property and its performance. We hope that our improvements translate into improved guest experience.

Cabin #2 – Before

Cabin #2 may be very familiar to some of you, perhaps not at all to others. While some of our guests love it just the way it is, it had become our under-performer compared to our other cabins. Two full beds were not an attraction for many couples.

Cabin #2 – After

Cabin #2 now has 1 Queen bed and 1 Full-size sofa sleeper. This cabin is very roomy now. Great for couples wanting legroom or those needing multiple beds. We tested the memory foam/gel mattress and found it to be a very comfortable bed. We hope that our guests of Cabin #2 will not feel this is a downgrade. The sofa adds a very comfortable area for lounging or TV watching. We will be anxious for feedback. Hey, where are the scrapbookers? This would be a great cabin for a scrapbook weekend – lots of room for an extra table or two!

Tall Pines Inn Cabin 2
Full-size Sofa Sleeper
Tall Pines Inn cabin 2

Cabin 2 – New Queen-size Bed

Family Duplex Units Get Makeovers

The Family Duplex Units are the cabins at the back of our property that have an identical room on each side with an interior door connecting each side. It was time to update these units and we felt they were perfectly positioned for family vacations or couples looking for more space.

Family Duplex Get Paint and Curtains

We painted the dark paneled walls a light cream color. We have had guests tell us this made the unit feel bigger and newer. Now we are adding new color coordinated curtains. It is our hope that guests find staying in these units an enjoyable experience. The new curtains did the trick! Keeping the theme of each unit in mind, new artwork has also been added. The addition of Keurig coffee makers to the units will be our next step.

Tall Pines Inn Family Duplex

Family Duplex #20 new updated curtains, red Keurig coffee makers, fresh paint, and fun artwork. 

Tall Pines Inn Family Duplex 18

Family Duplex #18 New Double Queen Beds, new updated curtains, red Keurig coffee maker, fresh paint, and fun art work



Rustic? Hmm…

You will not see all the rustic touches in these units. The Duplexes were constructed in the 1970s and are more modern than our other cabins.
We also like these units to provide a comfortable environment for families. However, you will find all of the amenities and conveniences that come with all of our cabins and suites. We don’t cut services based on type of lodging. We spoil everyone!! If rustic is what you desire, never fear, just step outside and you will find the Great Outdoors at your fingertips.

Tall Pines Inn Family Duplex 12

Duplex #12 – New Queen-size beds, Fresh paint, updated curtains, and new artwork



Tall Pines Inn Family Duplex 14

Duplex #14 – Our only King Duplex. New nightstands, new artwork and wall hangings, and updated curtains.


Cozy Hideaway Suite

This suite received a big face lift and we are very pleased with the results. We haven’t finished the updates to this cozy little nook but we have certainly made a dent increasing comfort and updating amenities. Michelle decided the theme of this cabin is “Cozy Romance” and “Red Umbrellas” lend beautiful ambiance. She has brought out the beauty and warmth of the natural pine logs by painting the paneling a complimenting color. This combined with the Red Umbrellas and red heart shaped jetted tub with flowers and candles makes this suite an ultimate romantic get-away.

Tall Pines Inn Cozy Hideaway

New black iron Queen bed. New Red Umbrella art work.

What else is new to Cozy?

Tall Pines Inn Cozy Hideaway

We have added a new larger refrigerator, Keurig coffee maker, new artwork, wine glasses, and a new lounge chair.

There is more to come and more in the works. Just a sample of these include:

Reopening of Cabin 7 under the name Red Cedar Cabin, (target early spring for grand opening). This cabin will feature a rock cave two person walk-in shower, a wine barrel wet-bar, ship lap siding interior, modern rustic bathroom with barn door entry, rustic vanity with a vessel sink, and keyless entry into the cabin. 

The Loft is getting some updates to amenities and paint.

Premier Cabin #21 is getting some exciting updates, paint, and additions. We are taking nothing away from the beauty of the natural wood and pine logs, but we will be adding some amenities that will elevate this cabin to it’s proper level of grandeur.

Log Suite Cabin #22 will have some remodeling completed to the closet to make it more functional and updated with new siding.

We notice that some of our guests are initially surprised when we mention that we are making changes. Once checked into the cabin, they notice that we are not changing the natural beauty of any of the units inside or out. Our goal it to update the amenities and make our cabins and suites as comfortable as possible. We hope you will visit Tall Pines Inn in 2019 and check some of these changes out for yourself.