We know the celebration of Cupid’s Arrow comes once every year, so why is it such drudgery at the thought of celebrating it? Check out these five ways of surprising your partner this Valentine’s Day. Without a doubt there are expectations built around this romantic holiday as much as there is great trepidation. Depending on how many romantic bones you possess, your expectations or trepidation level will be determined. Which side of the fence do you fall? If you need help with a few ideas, then check this out and find ways of surprising your partner this Valentine’s.

Before we embark on a romantic discussion, it is worth noting that we will try not to be cliché. Not just a dozen red roses or a surprise bottle of champagne is a requirement but simplistic ways of surprising your partner on Valentine’s Day. We are seeking real yet simple surprises that leave a lasting impression. It is also worth noting that the key is “simple”; thus, we won’t be flying off to Paris.

1. Sweet and Bubbly Couples Massage

When it comes to surprising your partner this Valentine’s Day there is almost no greater ah-ha than the experience of a relaxing massage. Surprise your sweetheart with the gift of a massage this Valentine’s. Think about snuggling down on a lovely warm table, wrapped in a cozy blanket, and let skilled hands release the tension from overworked muscles. Make the most of your surprise massage by coupling it with a bottle of bubbly or mimosas and chocolate-covered strawberries. A massage is one gift that will win you “best sweetie ever”! It’s easy to set up your appointment by calling, texting, or messaging Stefanie.

Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa
2. Indoor Posh Picnic to Create Romance

If the weather doesn’t cooperate and you want to plan something simple and intimate, a great way to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day is an indoor posh picnic. This is one of the more subtle ways to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day. Picnics don’t have to be all about ham sandwiches and chips! Imagine a picnic basket brimming with fancy cheeses, water crackers, Prosciutto rolls, oil, and vinegar oil pasta, Turkey/Smoked Gouda/Fig Balsamic jam, or a delicious warm Cuban Sandwich. Remember to include a decadent dessert to top this special occasion. A picnic is a perfect occasion for chocolate-covered strawberries or a chewy cookie.

Happy couple imitating picnic at home, top view

Clear out a corner of a room in your house, lay out a picnic blanket, and then prepare your romantic spread. Since this is a Valentine’s dinner, don’t be afraid to include a few roses or rose petals on your picnic blanket. Of course, a celebration wouldn’t be complete without a toasting beverage like Champagne or a nice red wine. Have fun with this practical, playful, yet romantic picnic. Order a picnic basket for Valentine’s and guarantee a sure surprise.

3. Fun Photo Shoot

When was the last time, as a couple, you had photos taken? For many couples, they tend to reserve photos for vacations or special occasions such as weddings. Surprise your loved one with an informal photo shoot. Enlist someone with a camera, pick a couple of backdrops inside or outside, and you choose the poses. Photos immortalize your love for a moment in time and can bring a multitude of ways to share your Valentine’s Day with others. You can choose to go all out and hire a professional photographer to capture frameable portraits, or choose a less expensive option and enlist a friend for the job. A selfie stick can get the job done, but it limits the fun and poses! Don’t forget once your photo shoot is complete, you need to choose your best shots, print them, share them, and display them in a special frame.

You may not know that at Tall Pines Inn we will take photos for you for a small fee and put them on a flash drive for you to take home and enjoy. We don’t pretend to be professional photographers but we love to help our guests make enjoyable memory as a reason price.

Shot of a girl photographer taking a picture of a her friend with dslr camera. Outdoors photo shoot
4. Romance and Dinner

When it comes to romance and surprises this Valentine’s Day, it is still hard to beat a special dinner – cook or not to cook, that is the question. If you want to seriously impress your sweetie, you can’t go wrong by making an impressive gourmet homecooked meal. Set a beautiful table with a tablecloth, taper candles, wine glasses for toasting, and flowers to light a spark of romance. There are dozens of excellent recipes perfect for your secret Valentine’s dinner, and many are quite manageable to prepare. You may ask why a home-cooked meal would be better than treating your better half to a night on the town. Valentine’s Day is notorious for long wait times and crabby patrons in popular restaurants, and it soon becomes anything but romantic and intimate. Celebrate a couple’s day doing something meaningful as a couple.

Beautiful passionate couple having a romantic candlelight dinner at home, drinking wine, toasting
5. Hike and Hot Soak

There are those times when a perfectly romantic day is a good workout; you could even call it “work hard – play hard.” If you both love a challenge then a hike may be a great way of surprising your partner on Valentine’s Day. An invigorating hike along a scenic by-way is a great activity that fits the bill. Look around your great outdoors, and you may surprise yourself with the treks outside your front door. However, exploring new areas with specific hiking trails and planning a surprise day for your loved one can be a genuine thrill and create a memorable day for you both. If you need help figuring out where to start, check out this link best hikes in the U.S. Either way, you’re bound to have a great time because you’re in great company. 

Man hiking in the woods in Autumn pine forest. Men boots walking in the woods on sunny day. hiking concept, outdoor lifestyle.

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You can see for yourself that these examples are simplistic and just the beginning. You can choose from a wealth of fun activities that infuse intimacy and romance while the only necessary ingredients are imagination and the two of you!