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You might ask what’s so special about vacationing in an Ozark cabin. Imagine stepping back in time when you step onto the porch of your cabin and walk through the doorway that has been carved out of large pine logs. There is nothing quite as breath-taking as the natural beauty of the genuine pine logs that have been kept polished and well-maintained chinking. In these amazing structures, nature provides it all – natural insulation, natural sound barrier, and natural decor. 

Why the Ozarks?Tall Pines Inn lodging in the ozarks

Why do I suggest the Ozarks? In the Ozark Mountain region, you will find a wealth of cabin lodging options. The Ozarks provide a beautiful backdrop for a cabin, and pairs well with the outdoor life you will see there. From the cabin, it’s easy to start the day with a great cup of coffee, and a short stroll out the front door for a morning hike. Cabins are typically rustic and built for the adventurous and outdoorsy. Never fear about tracking in pine needles, tree bark, or dirt! Cabins are all about getting back to nature, relaxing, and casual living. 

Are All Cabins Equal?

Are all cabins equal? A cabin typically suggests a structure made from one of the dozen or so trees that are typically used by manufacturers in the making of logs. In America, the trees most commonly used in the manufacturing of logs include Eastern and Western White Cedar, Fir, Hemlock, Cypress, Spruce, Pine (white, yellow, and red), Ponderosa Pine, and Lodgepole Pine. Other hardwoods like Oak, Poplar, and Walnut, are also used. So, is there a difference in wood used for the logs? The answer is yes! The type of tree used will affect the appearance, cost, and insulating factor of the logs. The geographic area will help predict what trees are typically used in the majority of log cabin construction. The age and type of tree can affect or determine how rustic (or authentic) your cabin vacation may feel. Does this matter to the vacationer? Most likely you won’t be investigating the logs your cabin is constructed with before your vacation. However, the age of the cabin can tell you a lot about the experience of your stay. 


New Log Cabin

Tall Pines Inn Eureka springs cabins This is a beautiful new construction log cabin. The type of tree is not revealed here but you can see that the architecture is modern style. This is also quite large, as is consistent with today’s standards.


Historic Log Cabin

Tall Pines Inn historic cabin Eureka Springs arkansas The cabin pictured above is a 1947 Historic Cabin at Tall Pines Inn. These cabins are constructed of logs from trees in the local area and have beautifully stood the test of time. Staying in one of these cabins truly feels like a step back in time, something to be experienced. A perfect blend of rustic ambiance and modern amenities.

Super-Size That for Me Please

You might feel that all you want is that rustic look and feel. Perhaps city life has you feeling a little burned out, and you want to get back to nature. A vacation in a log cabin is a great way to unwind. So often we talk to guests who feel this way, and are thrilled when they acquire a genuine 1947 log cabin for the weekend. However, once ushered into this precious little time capsule, the want-a-be pioneer stares in wonder and innocently points out “but the bathroom is small”. We can only laugh.

Tall Pines Inn Historic Log Cabin

Fries and soda pop are not only items to go super-sized in America. When it comes to the preconceived idea of what should “always” be included on a grand scale, lodging amenities are no exception.

Department of Commerce did a tabulation in 1973 of the number of bathrooms in newly built homes. They surveyed homes with 3 or more bathrooms. There were so few homes that met this criteria that the result was not in their tabled results. A mere 40% reported having 1.5 bathrooms.  There has been recent growth in the sense of entitlement to have a personal bathroom. This is the case where parents are able to provide a separate bathroom for the kids, and perhaps a bathroom just for themselves. This has bred a generation of children who are unwilling to give up the personal bathroom as an adult, thus the number of bathrooms per household has been increasing. Additional reading on this topic can be found at “Bathrooms: The Decades-Long Rise of America’s Obsession”

The 2017 US Census Bureau reported that in 1987 households reporting 3 or more bathrooms were only 12% versus 37% by 2017. Additional information published in the report “Smaller Households, Bigger Houses, Smaller Lots” can be found by CLICKING HERE

Tall Pines Inn lodging

Historic Surroundings – Modern Accommodations

 Tall Pines Inn Lodging add on packages

We know that there are aspects we can’t, nor do we want, to change in our historical log cabins. We also know there are amenities we can change. This isn’t exactly tent camping, and our guests can expect accommodations found in high-end hotels.

Does this take away from the rustic experience? We do not think so! Why should you go without shampoo, conditioner, or lotion. You should at least feel pampered and catered to. Regardless of where you stay, these are the minimum standards the traveling public should expect from a premium lodging facility. Of course there is a trade off, service versus price. Many travelers may feel they can sacrifice some of the creature comforts if it means a great deal in price. With the Millennial trend in traveling, the opposite seems to be gaining ground and surpassing the bargain shoppers. This means that lodging, rustic cabins included, will need to up their game to remain in the market and attract travelers of all kinds. READ MORE

 Bottom Line – Why Should You Care

There will be many options out there to choose from when it comes to cabin lodging. You can rent high-end, new construction all the way to rustic – do it all yourself, and then there is everything in between. You will find a variety of prices to choose from as well. 

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Most importantly do your homework to insure you are not the victim of a scam. Read reviews about the lodging you are considering. Go to sites such as TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, and Better Business Bureau which can offer insight from past guest experience. Research the lodging online or call them direct if you are using an On-line Travel Agency (OTA). Keep in mind that when you book through an OTA, you are not booking directly with the property. It never hurts to do extra research to land your best cabin vacation ever.