Traveling to Eureka and wondering how you will maneuver this quaint mysterious town? Check out this list of the 5 best ways to explore Eureka Springs, AR.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is a beautiful hamlet nestled deep in the Ozarks with plenty of things to see and do. Getting around town can be tricky, though, as the downtown area is very compact, with a few steep hills and winding roads. Luckily there are several options for getting around that make it easy to explore all that Eureka Springs has to offer.

Take a Trolley

One of the best ways to get around town is by taking advantage of the Eureka Springs Transit system. The Trolley runs daily from 8 am-6 pm; the schedule varies by time of year. The Trolley makes stops at all the major attractions, including some of the top restaurants and stores. It’s a great way to see a lot of Eureka Springs and the area without having to worry about parking. At Tall Pines Inn, you can obtain Trolley Passes and maps that have a color-coded legend to help you know which Trolley you need for your destination. Passes are purchased for one-day or two-day excursions for adults; additionally, child passes are also available.

Green wood sided Trolley picking up passenger on a city street and one of the best ways to explore eureka springs

Tram Tours

If you like guided tours, then take a tram tour around Eureka Springs which can be an exciting and informative way to explore Eureka Springs while getting an overview of the area’s culture and history. Tours are booked through Eureka Springs Transit, typically last about 85 minutes, and are led by knowledgeable tour guides. There are two stops during the tour, one at the Crescent Hotel and another at the Grotto Spring. They provide passengers with a rare look at various landmarks and provide interesting anecdotes along the way. Click here for more information on tour days, times, and price.

Take Your Car

Parking Downtown Pay Lots

Another great way to explore Eureka Springs is to simply drive downtown. There are several $5.00 pay lots where you can park and then explore downtown on foot. The Main Street Parking Route runs from the Top of Planer Hill to the Eureka Springs Railway depot – this stretch of 2 miles has over 600 parking spaces and includes both City and private lots. Below is a list of parking lots to check out!

  1. Transit & Welcome Center, all trolleys stop here, $5.00 for all-day;
  2. Planer Hill Park & Ride Welcome Center, $5.00 for all-day
  3. Along Spring Street, City-operated parking meters; PassPort Payment
  4. North Main, free City lot, on the Blue & Yellow Routes at Stop #73;
  5. Pine Mountain Village, Hwy. 62E, limited free parking, on the Blue Route, Stop #53;
  6. Great Passion Play, limited free parking, on the Blue & Yellow Routes, Stop #38.
PassportParking® Mobile App

Alternatively, there are meters throughout the downtown area where you can park for short amounts of time and take in the sights. The PassportParking app is obtainable in all on-street spaces and parking lot spaces. Signage and decals are available to instruct drivers on how to use the PassportParking application.

In addition to being able to pay for parking through the app, users are also able to:

  • Extend their sessions remotely
  • Keep track of all parking history
  • Receive notifications
  • Get email receipts

Ride the Rocket

There’s a unique and fun way to get around town called the Rocket. This is a large golf cart home-based at Eureka Sunset Cabins, but it can pick you up at Tall Pines Inn and take you downtown (or vice versa). It’s an exciting way to experience Eureka Springs and a great choice for those looking for an adventure! Let us help arrange a ride for you additionally, you can check out information on the Rocket website.

Tours on the Rocket last 80-90 minutes and are offered daily, weather permitting. The Rockets tours begin at 10:30 AM accommodating private small group tours. Pickup for your tour can begin at our partner hotels/Inns; likewise, the Rocket has a downtown pickup point at New Dehli Restaurant, 2 North Main Street, Eureka Springs. Call for details, or let our Inn partners help coordinate your ride.

The Rocket tour ticket is $40 per adult and $20 for children 6-12 years old. Unfortunately, for safety the Rocket is unable to accommodate children under 6 years old except infants held securely.

Ride the Rocket photo shows a rocket on lift off
Large red golf cart sitting in front of trees


Sometimes the best way to explore Eureka Springs is to just grab a taxi! Tall Pines Inn offers a direct line to a cab driver, and we will help connect you with a ride to and from your destination. Let us know at check-in if you’ll need to utilize cab services or at any time during your stay.

Red taxi with a dog driving wearing a yellow taxi driver hat. Best way to explore eureka springs

Getting around Eureka Springs has never been easier, thanks to its wide range of transportation options. Whether you choose to ride the trolley, take a tram tour, drive downtown and park in a pay lot or meter, ride the Rocket, or just call a cab – you’ll be sure to find exciting new places to explore. Now that you know the best ways to satisfy your wanderlust, get out there and start exploring!