Consider 10 reasons to visit Eureka Springs now, during winter, and take in the special events, attractions, and restaurant delectables.

1. The scenery is simply breathtaking – Eureka Springs during the winter is known for its beautiful Ozark Mountain views, and they’re even more stunning when blanketed in snow.

snow on the ground and around tall pine trees

2. You will enjoy festive holiday events – Eureka Springs always goes all-out for the holidays, with plenty of festive lights, decor, and events to enjoy.

3. The shopping is great – take advantage of the holiday sales or do some unique holiday shopping at the many one-of-a-kind shops in town.

4. There are lots of fun winter activities to enjoy, like ice skating at the Crescent Hotel. The weather is still pleasant enough to take a hike or check out the beautifully decorated Fresh Springs.

Outdoor ice skating rink with people skating

5. Winter is the prime time to enjoy a warm campfire with friends and stay in a unique historic log cabin. Tall Pines Inn, on the National Registry of Historic Places, is the home to six historic log cabins and a historic log lodge that houses three suites, all in pristine condition.

campfire with glowing flames

6. The restaurants are cozy and intimate. You will enjoy a romantic dinner near a rock wall or try something more casual and enjoy the local bands and entertainment the restaurants offer during winter.

Eureka Springs Vacation Couple dining

7. The hotels and Inns are cozy and charming. Eureka Springs is known for its many historic hotels and Inns. They’re even more inviting when it’s cold outside.

Historic cabins among pine trees

8. You will experience the true beauty of Arkansas’s wilderness when hiking. Hiking around Eureka Springs and the Ozarks is stunning any time of year, but winter is a special peaceful experience with fewer people.

9. It’s a great time to take advantage of spa treatments – winter is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a massage, soothing facial, or other spa treatments.

woman with eyes closed laying on a massage table surrounded by candles and oil

10. You’ll have the town almost to yourself because winter is the slow season. You’ll often find that you have many of the attractions and shops all to yourself. In addition, when you’ve walked your legs off stop at a local pub. There are several local taverns where you can enjoy a beverage or cocktail and visit with the locals.

Don’t Wait to Make Your Reservation

In conclusion, you have to agree winter is the perfect time to explore everything that Eureka Springs has to offer and enjoy a few of these ten activities at your own pace.