Easy ways to discover the Supernatural in Eureka Springs – just stay at Tall Pines Inn. Stay at Tall Pines Inn for a simple way to discover the Ghosts and the Supernatural. No need to walk several blocks, upstairs, or deal with the outdoor elements. All you need to do is make a reservation, check in, kick back, and listen.

If your goal is to experience the supernatural while in Eureka Springs, then Tall Pines Inn is just another way to experience it. You can enjoy the luxurious comfort of our cabins and suites and still feel the supernatural presence that Tall Pines Inn is known for. Read on for first-hand accounts of our ghost we have fondly named “Steve.”

Where’s the Proof

Eureka Springs is a quirky community, loaded with lots of spirts, ghosts, energy, and unexplained events. The locals know this to be a fact, but many visitors are not tuned in enough to catch all that occurs. The energy is not present everywhere, but it lingers in much of the old parts of town and in the buildings and structures. You can’t enter new construction and expect a ghost to be hanging out in the corner. These are spirits and energy that remain in their permanent home and forget to leave, or the structure feels so much like home that they drift in and won’t leave. We believe this is the case at Tall Pines Inn.

Residual Hauntings

Ghosts and hauntings are such interesting topics, and you will find a plethora of believers in Eureka Springs. There are plenty of opportunities to seek out spooks and specters in this little village of high energy. So put on your “open mind,” purchase a tour ticket, and gather up a few cold drafts, knocks, and, if you’re lucky, a shadow or two. Remember that what you are “haunting” for is what most experts consider Residual Hauntings. To interact with a spirit, you must attend a séance. Zak Bagans is a Ghost Hunter expert and author of the book Ghost Hunting for Dummies. According to Bagans, residual hauntings are the most common haunting and more prevalent than we know. The residual haunting theory provides a strong argument for the presence of a large number of haunting in Eureka Springs, and it’s not merely a collective group of overactive imaginations.

Eureka Springs has two elements that Bagans points to as important for residual hauntings – electricity and water! In the region, you’ll hear locals talk about how the area is high in energy. What does that mean? Energy might mean the very rock that makes up the Ozarks or the magic healing waters that flowed through the area at one time. Either way, it is undeniable when you walk the streets of Eureka Springs, you feel something special moving through this village. There is no denying the presence of water in Eureka Springs and the surrounding area. The Fresh Springs do not flow as they did in the late 1800s when individuals traveled from all corners of the country to receive the famous Healing Waters the Springs brought forth, but water is present. The area is host to many waterfalls, underground water, and lakes, making it a perfect conduit for residual hauntings.

Types of Residual Hauntings

Foggy night with green and yellow hanging lights at night over picnic tables
Eerie night at The Pines
foggy night showing a cabin and vehicle with hanging blue and clear lights
Blue lights peek through lighting a spooky path.
foggy night with cabin in background and hanging red and clear lights
Haunted Deerview

Residual hauntings may include rapping, knocking, footsteps, odors, or drafts. Sounds and smells that have no explanation have also been reported. Keep in mind that these residual hauntings are like a snapshot or a memory of past presence, especially in older buildings. The presence of a spirit can not manipulate items, such as a missing pair of glasses. To read more from Zak Bagans, click here!

Intelligent Hauntings

Intelligent hauntings are the main type of hauntings investigated by experts. As the name implies, these hauntings have a conscious level and may interact with investigators. Some believe that this consciousness is the spirit of the dead interacting with the living. Tall Pines Inn’s ghost, Steve, seems to fit nicely into this category. Click here for additional information.

ghostly photo of a woman in the background and shadows

Does Tall Pines Inn Have a Ghost

Does Tall Pines Inn have a ghost? Prior to coming to Eureka Springs, we laughed at the idea of ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural. However, after spending almost five years on this historic property, there have been far too many unexplained events to deny the existence of the supernatural. We have come to learn that our ghosts, be they one or more, are benevolent. The unexplained events have been a product of a mischievous specter. As we have investigated our unexplained events, we realize they could also be residual hauntings, and some could fall under intellectual hauntings. Either way, it has been fun following the antics of the spirits and spooks we have experienced.

Image of foggy evening with blue hanging lights and a campfire burning

Haunted Cabins

We have discovered events in several cabins and building over the course of five years.


#6 Bathroom – cold water in the shower was turned on full until it was shooting out the overflow, and there was no water in the toilet. This event was never explained but went back to normal by the next day.

Knocking on the door was also noted by a guest staying in the cabin.

#26 A guest reported knocking on the bathroom door even though they were staying in the unit by themselves. They also reported that the lid for the ice bucket landed on the floor for no reason.

#20 Housekeeper reported hearing voices coming from inside, but when she knocked and entered the unit, there was no one inside.

#21 No one had occupied the unit for a couple of weeks, but when we drove by one evening, we noticed that the ceiling light was on. As far as we knew, no one had been in the unit, and no explanation as to why the light would be on.

Haunted Outbuildings

  • Kitchen

Our commercial kitchen was our first experience with any experience that was spoken. Michelle was cooking in the commercial kitchen and heard “Chell.” She turned around, expecting Keith to be there, but there was no one! Michelle reports that she distinctly felt a presence around her that morning, a presence she had never felt before or since. After breakfast, Michelle noticed a few water drops had landed on the griddle top. She began wiping the water off the griddle top and distinctly heard in a soft voice, “shame on you.” Again, expecting Keith to be behind her, Michelle turned around, but no one was there. Keep in mind those are two words/phrases only Keith uses.

  • Laundry Room

We had artificial flowers stored on a top shelf of the laundry room, now strewn all over the floor. We had rolls of trash bags fall out of their storage bin. This one is strange because the trash bags did not fall straight down, as expected, instead landed several feet in front.

  • Office

We have a timer set for lighting in a closet in the office. This timer is set to turn the lights on in the evening. When the lights failed to come on one evening, we examined the timer. The timer had been reset for 12 hours later than it had been originally set. Again there was no explanation for this event.

We have certainly had other unexplainable events, but these are the most memorable. It is handy to say, “maybe Steve did it,” when something is missing, or there is an unexplainable noise. Most likely, there is a reasonable explanation for many occurrences, but some are simply “head-scratchers.”

Other Haunting Offerings

Crescent Hotel opened its doors in 1886 and is thought to be the most haunted hotel in America. This hotel has a varied history as a woman’s conservatory and then as a cancer clinic. There are many stories about cancer patients who died under the care of the cancer clinic’s doctor giving rise to the many ghost stories of the Crescent Hotel today. Contact the Crescent Hotel to learn more about their various ghost tours and stories. Ghost tour tickets are purchased online.

Basin Park Hotel is rich with Eureka Springs history and a great location to experience a genuine ghost hunting tour. Sign up for one of the ghost tours and join paranormal investigators to learn how to flush out the ghostly activity.

Intrigue Theater may hold the perfect ticket for your paranormal curiosity. Enjoy an evening of magic, illusion, and intrigue with Sean Paul and Juliana Fay. This incredible show will have you sitting at the edge of your seats one minute and doubled over in laughter the next.

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