Tall Pines Inn swimming poolBlues Weekend in Eureka Springs June 15 -16. Everybody sing the Blues!

If you like Blues or if you love Blues, now is a great time to enjoy the Blues music in Eureka Springs. However, many flock to Eureka Springs to experience this historic, eclectic community with all the fantastic and exciting shops, and great restaurants. 

Here at Tall Pines Inn, we enjoy seeing all our returning guests who loyally come to our beautiful property year after year. We also enjoy a bevy of new guests who follow their curiosity to Tall Pines Inn. Every guest has a story, and we appreciate the rich exchange with our visitors.  This spring is our first season running Tall Pines Inn, as it is our first for every event that pops up on the EurekaSprings.com calendar. We yearn to be that all knowledgeable tour guide that Innkeepers are famed for, but we may need to get a couple more seasons under our belt before we can make well-informed recommendations. It does seem we are picking up on the numerous delicious dining options a little quicker than other attractions. 


Hammock and swing at Tall Pines Inn

As for Blues Weekend, we have once again “packed the house” at Tall Pines Inn. I’m not sure everyone who stayed with us was visiting Eureka Springs to sing the blues, but we sure did enjoy our very busy guests. Mingling with so many interesting people from all backgrounds is one of the best perks of our job at Tall Pines Inn. Hospitality is all about “rolling out the red carpet” and giving your guests a reason to experience it all or just do nothing at all. As for this particular weekend, pool and “Peace Park” about sums up the pinnacle of the weekend at Tall Pines Inn.  As I did not take pictures and feeling bad about that, if anyone did, and would like to forward them to tallpinesinn.com we would love to keep the memories!




Log Suite porch at Tall Pines Inn

Don’t be strangers. Our door is always open, there is much fun and fanfare in Eureka Springs, and many stories and laughs to be had. July looks like a hoppin’ month, and one not to be missed! There is the Fat Tire Festival, Cinderella Opera, and the Vintage Legends Motorcycle Show.

For more information be sure to check out eurekasprings.org

Until next year stay safe and happy travels. 

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