May Festival of the Arts and Eureka Springs Has it All

Spring – Think Color

I have to admit Spring is my favorite season or a very close second to beautiful warm summer days. After moving to Eureka Springs in March of 2018, I have found another reason to love Eureka in Spring; the colorful Art events that take place all through the month of May. I know May gets a bit hectic for folks, but if you can squeeze in a visit, you will come away richer for it.Paphiopedilum Eureka And Raisin Pie Cross Orchid

Family-Friendly Events

Families who stay with us ask all the time “what is there to do for families or kids”, well here you go! Bring the families to Eureka Springs for the Festival of Arts. This is not only a fun family event, it is a learning opportunity that doesn’t feel like one – REALLY!

May is absolutely bursting with art and music. What an amazing time to experience culture at its finest and most colorful. This May is the 31st Festival of Arts and will be an enthusiastic event casting over 350 artists of all disciplines. Last year Keith and I were so busy getting to know Eureka Springs, we were unable to take in all that this wonderful community culture had to offer. This year will be a blast! We fully intend on taking in events this May, starting with all of the Artsy exhibits, one of a kind hand made masterpieces, performances in the park, culinary arts, and who could forget the wonderful music downtown. First and foremost we take care of our guests and then we scurry into town, which by the way is only about 4 minutes away, to take in the fun.

White Street Walk

Okay, for those of us who like to be just a little nosy, don’t miss the “White Street Walk”. This extraordinary Eureka Springs event is one of the communities favorite evenings and literally a night on the town.  You get a chance to take a walk down White Street and visit with the amazing artists in their home studios.  Artists will be hosting along the street, their driveways, front yards, and houses along White Street. This is a chance to take a step on the inside of the artist. Here you will find an incredible showcase of the artists handiwork including: paintings, pottery, jewelry, or any number of artistic trinkets that make art in Eureka so unique.


More May Events

So continuing on with May, the events only get more exciting. May 18th, the Basin Park Music Series gets kicked off with some Jazz music.

May 23rd,  the Hills will come alive once again with the “Music of Motorcycles”, when bikes hum to the beat of the tune “Heart of the Ozarks” Christian Biker rally. For information on this event you can tune into their official website.

Music of Mustangs

Well lets go ahead and talk “Art of Autos” shall we! Well into May lets not forget the ever popular MUSTANG DAYS>>>>>>>>>>>

Have a Mustang or not, this will be one you won’t want to miss.

Black Mustang

Save the date and mBlue Mustangake your reservation for the weekend of May 30 through June 2.  There are big events planned for Mustang this year and you won’t want to be the one who “wished” you were there!! For the 2019 Mustang Show in Eureka Spring, Mustangs of every model, every year, whether stock or customized will be there.  Check out the web site for all the great activities for this May event.

Rhythm & Blues

Jazz music with a sax

May ends with FREE Live Rhythm & Blues at the Basin Park in Eureka Springs. This will be a LIVE event FREE for all. One thing to point out, Rhythm & Blues is the event once know as Blues Festival which was held in June. This will showcase a fine lineup you won’t want to miss and I plan to sneak away for this one!! We have vacancies for this weekend, so you have easy access to downtown. Hop the trolley and catch some cool jazz.

Friday, May, 31: 3 pm–Tony Redman 5:30 pm – Jeremiah Johnson

Saturday, June, 1: 2 pm–Brick Fields 5:30 pm – Rich McDonough

Old Fashion Vacation

The saddest part about May is that many families are busy with school activities and family gatherings, missing the wonderful events that are happening in Eureka Springs. Keith and I are going to make it our mission this year to get to these events and get the word out about what an entertaining, educational, and affordable place Eureka is for a family getaway. We have had all of those big family vacations to Disney, Mexico, the Bahamas, etc. Your backside is not the only thing that gets a good “burn”. How does the wallet look? I know we were always relieved when the off-year vacation took us to an “affordable” destination like The Dells in Wisconsin! You don’t need manufactured entertainment to show kids a good time. Seriously, I think the coasters and water slides are over-blown. Go back to the days when vacation time requires some interaction between hand and brain – right! When parents ask me what is there for kids to do – I say “lots” – caves, mazes, petting zoo, musical, art, mini-golf, biking, hiking, etc.

For more information on May events visit their web site at for the full calendar of events.

For information on all Eureka Springs events and activities check out the following city website.